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Talaba, Doru - Product Engineering, e-bok

Product Engineering

Talaba, Doru


A survey of the use of VR in automotive industry
Peter Zimmermann
14. Concept, Framework and Resources of a Proactive Reality Environment. Combining artificial cognition with Interactive Instruments
Imre Horváth
15. Virtual Reality: which Contribution

Visa, Ion - SYROM 2009, e-bok

SYROM 2009

Visa, Ion


Contributions to the Palletization of Auto Batteries Using the Finite Displacements Theory
V. Ispas, I. C. Mic, R. M. Gui, A. C. Horvat
26. Unconventional Mathematical Model for Complex Mechanical Structures
E. Mereuta, G. Ciubucciu-Ionete, M. Rus, S.

Xie, Anne - Advances in Computer Science and Education, e-bok

Advances in Computer Science and Education

Xie, Anne


GCM Data Analysis Using Dimensionality Reduction
Zuoling Li, Guirong Weng
35. Application of the BP Neural Network PID Algorithm in Heat Transfer Station Control
Yang Yu, Dongmei Yin
36. The Influence of Human Resource Management Information System