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Dhillon, Balbir S. - Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering, e-bok

Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering

Dhillon, Balbir S.


A Structural Equation Model of Job Burnout and Stress-Related Personality Factors in Aviators
Qingfeng Liu, Yanyan Wang, Xiaochao Guo, Fei Peng, Yan Zhang, Yu Bai, Tao Jiang, Duanqin Xiong
14. Trend Analysis of Low Back Pain in Ergonomic Area

Ganguli, Anindya K. - Ergonomics in Caring for People, e-bok

Ergonomics in Caring for People

Ganguli, Anindya K.


Cardiac Stress Among Two Types of Handloom Weavers
Santu Durlov, Subhashis Sahu
20. Workspace Amenities for Assam Policewomen: Ergonomic Interventions
Shilpi Bora, Abhirup Chatterjee, Debkumar Chakrabarti
21. Physiological and Metabolic Status of Bus

Bassis, Simone - Advances in Neural Networks, e-bok

Advances in Neural Networks

Bassis, Simone


What Relatives and Caregivers of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Talk About: Preliminary Results from a Computerized Text Analysis of Messages Posted on the Italian Facebook Diabetes Group
Alda Troncone, Crescenzo Cascella, Antonietta Chianese, Dario Iafusco

Auer, Michael E. - Teaching and Learning in a Digital World, e-bok

Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

Auer, Michael E.


PTD: Player Type Design to Foster Engaging and Playful Learning Experiences
Johanna Pirker, Christian Gütl, Johannes Löffler
59. The Use of New Learning Technologies in Higher Education Classroom: A Case Study
Micaela Esteves, Angela Pereira, Nuno Veiga,

Barolli, Leonard - Advances in Internet, Data & Web Technologies, e-bok

Advances in Internet, Data & Web Technologies

Barolli, Leonard


The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Aggressive Behavior in People with Long Term Noise
Ling Lu, Hong-Wei Zhuang, Liang Xu
74. Efficient Expanded Mixed Finite Element Method for the Forchheimer Model
Yanping Li, Qingli Zhao
75. Research on