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Struck, Curtis - Galaxy Collisions, e-bok

Galaxy Collisions

Struck, Curtis


The secret of fire: triggered star formation
Curtis Struck
7. Not Always in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Curtis Struck
8. A Wider View
Curtis Struck
9. Epilogue: the galacto-biology of collisions
Curtis Struck

Harvey, Brian - Space Exploration 2007, e-bok

Space Exploration 2007

Harvey, Brian


Table of contents
1. The Epic Journey Begins...
Brian Harvey
2. Building the International Space Station
Neville Kidger
3. Arrival of the Red Planet
David Harland
4. Looking at Mercury...
Sean Solomon, Ralph McNutt
5. Visiting Venus...
David Harland
6. Europa’s Ice Next . . .

Bogdan, Henrik - Sexuality and New Religious Movements, e-bok

Sexuality and New Religious Movements

Bogdan, Henrik


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Sexuality and New Religious Movements
Henrik Bogdan, James R. Lewis
2. Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Empowerment in Mormon Fundamentalist Communities
Jennifer Lara Fagen, Stuart A. Wright
3. Gender among the Branch Davidians
Martha Sonntag Bradley
4. Sex and Gender

MacArthur, Sian - Gothic Science Fiction, e-bok

Gothic Science Fiction

MacArthur, Sian


‘Mad? Is One Who Has Solved the Secret of Life to Be Considered Mad?’ The Role of the Mad Scientist in Gothic Science Fiction
Sian MacArthur
3. ‘The Last Man in the World’: Gothic Motif in the Apocalyptical Novel
Sian MacArthur
4. ‘It’s

Berridge, G. R. - Diplomacy, e-bok


Berridge, G. R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
G. R. Berridge
1. The Foreign Ministry
2. The Foreign Ministry
G. R. Berridge
Part I. The Art of Negotiation
3. Prenegotiations
G. R. Berridge
4. ‘Around-the-Table’ Negotiations
G. R. Berridge
5. Diplomatic Momentum
G. R. Berridge
6. Packaging

Ewing, Kelly - Making Candles and Soaps For Dummies, e-bok

Making Candles and Soaps For Dummies

Ewing, Kelly


Make floating candles, herbal soaps, and even a home spa
Discover the secrets of color, shape, and scent the fun and easy way?
Whether you're a beginner or seasoned craftperson, this fun book offers everything you need to make beautiful, professional-looking candles and soaps at home.