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Gause, Alina - Kompass für Künstler, e-bok

Kompass für Künstler

Gause, Alina


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Alina Gause
2. Die Achillesferse des Künstlers
Alina Gause
3. Die dritte Person
Alina Gause
4. Der persönliche Modus Vivendi
Alina Gause
5. „The Artists’ Way of Life“
Alina Gause
6. Schlussbemerkung
Alina Gause

Valleriani, Matteo - Galileo Engineer, e-bok

Galileo Engineer

Valleriani, Matteo


Table of contents
1. Artist-Engineers’ Apprenticeship and Galileo
Matteo Valleriani
2. Instruments and Machines
Matteo Valleriani
3. Galileo’s Private Course on Fortifications
Matteo Valleriani
4. The Knowledge of the Venetian Arsenal
Matteo Valleriani
5. Pneumatics, the Thermoscope and

Payne, Vicki - Stained Glass For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, e-bok

Stained Glass For Dummies®

Payne, Vicki


Discover the artist within and create beautiful stained glass
Beautiful stained glass isn't reserved solely for church windows-it can be used to create intricate patterns in home windows, decorate cabinet doors, patio doors, ceilings, skylights, mirrors, lighting fixtures, garden decorations,

Johnson, Roni - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Collage & Altered Art, e-bok

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Collage & Altered Art

Johnson, Roni


Plus, you'll learn how to source inexpensive materials—as well as found objects around your home—to make everything from handmade journals and artist trading cards to decorative boxes, jewelry, and wall art.
Concise two-page lessons show you all the

Robinson, Nick - Origami Kit For Dummies, e-bok

Origami Kit For Dummies

Robinson, Nick


So get folding, and show off your creations in style!
Discover How To:
* Get prepared to start folding
* Understand the international language of origami
* Fold all the basic bases
* Source your paper
* Design creations and draw your own diagrams
About the author

Buxbaum, Gunter - Industrial Inorganic Pigments, e-bok

Industrial Inorganic Pigments

Buxbaum, Gunter


They are irreplaceable for the coloring of construction materials - their applications range from concrete to artist's colors, from industrial paints to toners in photocopiers, from coloring in foodstuffs to raw materials for catalysts.
This book offers everything

Morovi&#269;, Ján - Color Gamut Mapping, e-bok

Color Gamut Mapping

Morovič, Ján


  It is also a valuable reference for students of color and imaging science, as well as photographers, graphic designers and artists.

Birkhofer, Herbert - The Future of Design Methodology, e-bok

The Future of Design Methodology

Birkhofer, Herbert


What Designers Can Learn From Leonardo, an Ingenious Artist, Scientist and Engineer
H.-J. Franke
20. “Design … but of What”?
M. Cantamessa
21. Transferring Design Methods into Practice
K. Wallace
22. Towards a Taxonomy of Design Research