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Blythe, Andrew - Essential Primary Care, e-bok

Essential Primary Care

Blythe, Andrew


 The book provides practical advice on how to consult with patients, make sense of their symptoms, explain things to them, and manage their problems.
Essential Primary Care:
• Is structured in five sections:
 - The building blocks of primary care:

Pan, Xiaochuan - Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (V), e-bok

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (V)

Pan, Xiaochuan


Causality in Neuroscience and Its Limitations: Bottom-up, Top-down, and Round-About
Hans A. Braun
23. Decisions and Downward Causation in Neural Systems
Hans Liljenström, Azadeh Hassannejad Nazir
24. Top-down and/or Bottom-up Causality: The Notion