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Alaszewski, Andy - Making Health Policy: A Critical Introduction, e-bok

Making Health Policy: A Critical Introduction

Alaszewski, Andy


This new textbook opens up the policy-making process for students, uncovering how government decisions around health are really made. Starting from more traditional insights into how ministers and civil servants develop policy with limited knowledge

Stenvall, Jari - Intelligent Health Policy, e-bok

Intelligent Health Policy

Stenvall, Jari


Intelligent Evaluation and Performance Measurement in Public Health Policy and Public Service Systems
Petri Virtanen, Jari Stenvall
8. The Fundaments of Intelligence in the Future Health Policy
Petri Virtanen, Jari Stenvall

Guliš, Gabriel - Assessment of Population Health Risks of Policies, e-bok

Assessment of Population Health Risks of Policies

Guliš, Gabriel


Public Health, Policy Analysis, Risk Assessment, and Impact Assessment
Gabriel Guliš, Joanna Kobza, Jana Kollárová, Ingrida Zurlyte, Mariusz Geremek, Ágnes Molnár, Fabrizio Bianchi
2. Risk Assessment, Impact Assessment, and Evaluation
Piedad Martin-Olmedo,

Kickbusch, Ilona - Policy Innovation for Health, e-bok

Policy Innovation for Health

Kickbusch, Ilona


Integrating Health in All Policies at the Local Level: Using Network Governance to Create ‘Virtual Reorganization by Design’
Morton Warner, Nicholas Gould
7. Knowledge-Centered Health Innovation: The Case for Citizen Health Information Systems

Gould, Ian M. - Antibiotic Policies, e-bok

Antibiotic Policies

Gould, Ian M.


Antibiotic Policies—A Historical Perspective
Ian Phillips
2. Guideline Implementation: It is Not Impossible
Peter A. Gross
3. UK Guidelines: Methodology and Standards of Care
Dilip Nathwani
4. Pneumonia Guidelines in Practice
Gavin Barlow

Sethi, Manish K. - An Introduction to Health Policy, e-bok

An Introduction to Health Policy

Sethi, Manish K.


How Health-Care Policy Is Made in Washington: Understanding the Players and the Game
Eleby R. Washington, Ilisa Halpern Paul, Amy L. Walker, A. Alex Jahangir
17. Government and State Agencies: Who Administrates Healthcare on Federal and State Levels?

Gould, Ian M. - Antibiotic Policies, e-bok

Antibiotic Policies

Gould, Ian M.


The Role of Antibiotic Policies in Controlling VRE
Abhijit M. Bal
8. The Control of ESBL-Producing Bacteria
Peter M. Hawkey
9. Controlling Hospital-Acquired Infection due to Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
Mitchell J. Schwaber, Yehuda

Boylan, Michael - Public Health Policy and Ethics, e-bok

Public Health Policy and Ethics

Boylan, Michael


Table of contents
1. Professing Public Health: Practicing Ethics and Ethics as Practice
D. Micah Hester
2. The Good of Patients and the Good of Society: Striking a Moral Balance
Edmund D. Pellegrino, David C. Thomasma
3. Taking on “Big…