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Amendt-Lyon, Nancy - Die Kunst der Gestalttherapie, e-bok

Die Kunst der Gestalttherapie

Amendt-Lyon, Nancy


Table of contents
1. Einführung
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Nancy Amendt-Lyon
Teil I. Wie das kreative Feld entsteht
2. Auf dem Weg zu einem gestalttherapeutischen Konzept zur Förderung des schöpferischen Prozesses
Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Dannenberg, Andrew J. - Obesity, Inflammation and Cancer, e-bok

Obesity, Inflammation and Cancer

Dannenberg, Andrew J.


Lyon, Nan Zhang, Helen Y. Wang, Rong-fu Wang, Willa A. Hsueh
3. Uncoupling Obesity from Cancer: Bromodomain Co-regulators That Control Inflammatory Networks
Gerald V. Denis, Deborah J. Bowen
4. Adipose Tissue Macrophages in Obesity, Inflammation, and Cancer

Hensley, Lisa L. - Marburg- and Ebolaviruses, e-bok

Marburg- and Ebolaviruses

Hensley, Lisa L.


Marshall Lyon, Aneesh K. Mehta, Bruce S. Ribner
Part II. Disease: Pathogenesis and Protection
6. Ebola Virus Disease in Humans: Pathophysiology and Immunity
César Muñoz-Fontela, Anita K. McElroy
7. Nonhuman Primate Models of Ebola Virus Disease

Jordan, Joseph - The Cervix, e-bok

The Cervix

Jordan, Joseph


Essential for gynecologists, oncologists, basic scientists especially those involved in HPV (viral)research, GPs, nurses, colposcopy prctitioners, and sexual transmitted disease doctors
The only definitive major clinical reference book published on the cervix for thirty years
Including the most

Gordon, Chad R. - Transplantation of Composite Tissue Allografts, e-bok

Transplantation of Composite Tissue Allografts

Gordon, Chad R.


Table of contents
1.Section I
1. The Establishment of Composite Tissue Allotransplantion as a Clinical Reality
Joseph E. Murray
2. The Evolution of Composite Tissue Allotransplantation: the Twentieth Century Realization of “Cosmas and Damian”
Chad R. Gordon, Joseph M. Serletti, Kirby S. Black, Charles

Karlsson, Jón - Rotatory Knee Instability, e-bok

Rotatory Knee Instability

Karlsson, Jón


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. In Vitro Biomechanical Analysis of Knee Rotational Stability
Amir Ata Rahnemai-Azar, Masahito Yoshida, Volker Musahl, Richard Debski
2. Anatomy and Function of the Anterolateral Capsule Structures
Daniel Guenther, Sebastián Irarrázaval, Chad Griffith, Volker Musahl,