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Grant, Gerald T. - 3D Printing in Medicine, e-bok

3D Printing in Medicine

Grant, Gerald T.


3D Printing in Neurosurgery
Vicknes Waran, Vairavan Narayanan, Ravindran Karrupiah, Chun Yoong Cham
7. Cardiovascular 3D Printing
Andreas A. Giannopoulos, Dimitris Mitsouras, Betty Anne Schwarz, Karin E. Dill, Frank J. Rybicki
8. Musculoskeletal 3D

Emerich, Dwaine F. - Cell Therapy, e-bok

Cell Therapy

Emerich, Dwaine F.


3D Printing for Cell Therapy Applications
Ashley N. Leberfinger, Kazim Kerim Moncal, Dino J. Ravnic, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat
12. Cell Therapy for Ophthalmic Diseases
Konrad Kauper, Arne Nystuen
13. Cell Therapy: Approaching a Partnership with Pharma

Cha, Seunghee - Salivary Gland Development and Regeneration, e-bok

Salivary Gland Development and Regeneration

Cha, Seunghee


3D Printing Technology in Craniofacial Surgery and Salivary Gland Regeneration
Jong Woo Choi, Namkug Kim, Chang Mo Hwang
10. Functional Salivary Gland Regeneration by Organ Replacement Therapy
Miho Ogawa, Takashi Tsuji
Part IV. Therapeutic Considerations

Oderich, Gustavo S. - Endovascular Aortic Repair, e-bok

Endovascular Aortic Repair

Oderich, Gustavo S.


3D Printing to Create Templates for Patient-Specific Fenestrated Stent Grafts
Benjamin W. Starnes, Daniel F. Leotta
10. Preoperative Evaluation and Clinical Risk Assessment
Ying Huang, Gustavo S. Oderich
11. Computed Tomography/Computed Tomography Angiography