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Eichmann, Klaus - Köhler’s Invention, e-bok

Köhler’s Invention

Eichmann, Klaus


Table of contents
Part I.The time before
1. A short history of the antibody problem
2. The immunological scene around Köhler
3. Köhler’s entry into science
4. The quest for monoclonal antibodies
5. Cell fusion
6. Köhler in Cambridge
7. Back in Basel
8. The patent disaster

Bronzetti, Gabriele - Atlas of Pediatric and Youth ECG, e-bok

Atlas of Pediatric and Youth ECG

Bronzetti, Gabriele


Arrhythmetics and the Magic Numbers in Cardiology
Gabriele Bronzetti
5. ECG Metamorphosis: From the Newborn to Adulthood
Gabriele Bronzetti
6. Normal and Variants
Gabriele Bronzetti
7. Drugs, Electrolyte Abnormalities, and Metabolic Factors