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Hershberg, Melissa - The Rebel Diet: Break the Rules, Lose the Weight, e-bok

The Rebel Diet: Break the Rules, Lose the Weight

Hershberg, Melissa


Your fantasy diet-chocolate, bread, and caffeine-is here!
For those accustomed to thinking of diets as deprivation, former gymnast and doctor Melissa Hershberg has developed a food plan that breaks all the cardinal rules of dieting. Offering medical insight on why common diet myths

Canter, David - Forensic Psychology For Dummies, e-bok

Forensic Psychology For Dummies

Canter, David


A fascinating guide on the psychology of crime
Thinking of a career that indulges your CSI fantasies? Want to understand the psychology of crime? Whether studying it for the first time or an interested spectator, Forensic Psychology For Dummies gives you all the essentials for understanding