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Hojjat, Rata - The Economics of Obesity, e-bok

The Economics of Obesity

Hojjat, Rata


Table of contents
1. Different Perspectives on Causes of Obesity
Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, Rata Hojjat
2. Consequences of Obesity
Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, Rata Hojjat
3. Economic Analysis: Behavioral Pattern and Diet Choice
Tahereh Alavi…

Phillips, Ceri J. - Health Economics: An Introduction for Health Professionals, e-bok

Health Economics: An Introduction for Health Professionals

Phillips, Ceri J.


This book provides all the necessary information in a readable style that can be understood by anyone with even the most basic knowledge of mathematics Health Economics is ideal for all health professionals who are required to make policy decisions – including hospital managers, clinical

Razzouk, Denise - Mental Health Economics, e-bok

Mental Health Economics

Razzouk, Denise


Introduction of Health Economics Applied to Mental Health
1. Introduction to Mental Health Economics
Denise Razzouk
2. Methods for Measuring and Estimating Costs
Denise Razzouk
3. Outcomes Measurement for Economic Evaluation
Denise Razzouk

Elliott, Robert - Advances in Health Economics, e-bok

Advances in Health Economics

Elliott, Robert


HERU is one of the leading health economic institutes in the UK Contributors are all distinguished members of the health economics community Covers a wide range of issues that are relevant to the application of health economics