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Narhi, Linda O. - Biophysics for Therapeutic Protein Development, e-bok

Biophysics for Therapeutic Protein Development

Narhi, Linda O.


Application of Biophysics to the Early Developability Assessment of Therapeutic Candidates and Its Application to Enhance Developability Properties
Hasige Sathish, Nicolas Angell, David Lowe, Ambarish Shah, Steven Bishop
7. Application of Biophysics

Russell, Rick - Biophysics of RNA Folding, e-bok

Biophysics of RNA Folding

Russell, Rick


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Rick Russell
2. Comparative Analysis of the Higher-Order Structure of RNA
Robin R. Gutell
3. Graph Applications to RNA Structure and Function
Namhee Kim, Katherine Niccole Fuhr, Tamar…

Silva, Gabriel A. - Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine, e-bok

Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine

Silva, Gabriel A.


Characterization of Nanoscale Biological Systems: Multimodal Atomic Force Microscopy for Nanoimaging, Nanomechanics, and Biomolecular Interactions
Arjan P. Quist, Ratnesh Lal
4. Molecular Motors and Machines
Serena Silvi, Alberto Credi
5. Micro and

Bick, U. - Digital Mammography, e-bok

Digital Mammography

Bick, U.


Basic Physics of Digital Mammography
Martin J Yaffe
2. Detectors for Digital Mammography
M. J. Yaffe
3. Quality Control in Digital Mammography
Kenneth C Young, Ruben Van Engen, Hilde Bosmans, Jurgen Jacobs, Federica Zanca
4. Classification of

Dame, Remus T. - Bacterial Chromatin, e-bok

Bacterial Chromatin

Dame, Remus T.


Polymer Physics for Understanding Bacterial Chromosomes
Suckjoon Jun
7. Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Bacterial Nucleoids
N. Patrick Higgins, B. M. Booker, Dipankar Manna
8. Nucleoid-Associated Proteins: Structural Properties
Ümit Pul, Rolf

Niazi, Muaz A - Cognitive Agent-based Computing-I, e-bok

Cognitive Agent-based Computing-I

Niazi, Muaz A


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Muaz A Niazi, Amir Hussain
2. A Unified Framework
Muaz A Niazi, Amir Hussain
3. Complex Adaptive Systems
Muaz A Niazi, Amir Hussain
4. Modeling CAS
Muaz A Niazi, Amir Hussain