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Shimasaki, Craig D. - The Business of Bioscience, e-bok

The Business of Bioscience

Shimasaki, Craig D.


Significance of the Right Business Model and Managing Risk
Craig D. Shimasaki
5. Legally Establishing the Company
Craig D. Shimasaki
6. The Product Development Pathway: Charting the Right Course
Craig D. Shimasaki
7. Developing a Marketing Strategy

Wasserman, Michael - The Business of Geriatrics, e-bok

The Business of Geriatrics

Wasserman, Michael


Table of contents
1. A Geriatrician’s Success Story
Michael Wasserman
2. Why Geriatric Medicine Matters
Michael Wasserman
3. Matching Clinical Strengths to Revenue
Michael Wasserman
4. Taking Full Risk
Michael Wasserman
5. The Psychology of Geriatricians
Michael Wasserman
6. Going

Cunningham, Christopher J. L. - Understanding Business Research, e-bok

Understanding Business Research

Cunningham, Christopher J. L.


Explore the essential steps for data collection, reporting, and analysis in business research
Understanding Business Research offers a comprehensive introduction to the entire process of designing, conducting, interpreting, and reporting findings in the business

McGannon, Juliette - The Business Leader’s Health Manual, e-bok

The Business Leader’s Health Manual

McGannon, Juliette


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Juliette McGannon, Michael McGannon
2. The heart of the matter: from ticker to timebomb … and back!
Juliette McGannon, Michael McGannon
3. Nutrition for health, energy, and longevity

Willis, David O. - Business Basics for Dentists, e-bok

Business Basics for Dentists

Willis, David O.


David Willis combines his experience as a practicing dentist, educator, MBA, and certified financial planner in this breakthrough text about managing a dental business. Rather than a checklist of steps for success, Business Basics