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Estrada-Peña, Agustín - Ticks of Europe and North Africa, e-bok

Ticks of Europe and North Africa

Estrada-Peña, Agustín


Table of contents
1. Introduction
A. D. Mihalca, A. Estrada-Peña, T. N. Petney
2. How to Collect Ticks and Interpret These Collections
T. N. Petney, M. P. Pfäffle, H. Sprong, A. D. Mihalca, A. Estrada-Peña
Part I. Family Argasidae…

Foley, Robert Andrew - Principles of Human Evolution, e-bok

Principles of Human Evolution

Foley, Robert Andrew


Strong emphasis on evolutionary theory, ecology and behavior and scores of new examples reflect the latest evolutionary theories and recent archaeological finds. More than a simple update, the new edition is organized by issue rather than chronology, integrating behavior,

Capua, Ilaria - Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease, e-bok

Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease

Capua, Ilaria


Table of contents
1. Ecology, Epidemiology and Human Health Implications of Avian Influenza Virus Infections
Ilaria Capua, Dennis J. Alexander
2. Ecology and Epidemiology of Newcastle Disease
Dennis J. Alexander
3. Notification of Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease to the World Organisation for Animal Health

UNKNOWN - Antibiotic Resistance: Origins, Evolution, Selection and Spread, e-bok

Antibiotic Resistance: Origins, Evolution, Selection and Spread



Levy 1997 Over the last 50 years, the rapid increase in the use of antibiotics, not only in people, but also in animal husbandry and agriculture, has delivered a selection unprecedented in the history of evolution. Consequently, society is facing one of its gravest

Hensley, Lisa L. - Marburg- and Ebolaviruses, e-bok

Marburg- and Ebolaviruses

Hensley, Lisa L.


Maintenance in Nature and Spillover: Ecology, Outbreaks and Clinical Management
1. Filovirus Research: How it Began
Werner Slenczka
2. Ecology of Filoviruses
Brian R. Amman, Robert Swanepoel, Stuart T. Nichol, Jonathan S. Towner
3. West Africa 2013

Ritz, Karl - Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics, e-bok

Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics

Ritz, Karl


Forensic Ecology, Botany, and Palynology: Some Aspects of Their Role in Criminal Investigation
Patricia E. J. Wiltshire
10. Sediment and Soil Environmental Forensics: What Do We Know?
Stephen M. Mudge
11. Petrography and Geochemical Analysis for the