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Daneshmand, Siamak - Urinary Diversion, e-bok

Urinary Diversion

Daneshmand, Siamak


Orthotopic Urinary Diversion in Men
Siamak Daneshmand
3. Orthotopic Urinary Diversion in Women
Georgios Gakis
4. Continent Cutaneous Urinary Diversion
Jonathan N. Warner, Kevin G. Chan
5. Robot-Assisted

Hansel, Donna E. - The Urinary Tract, e-bok

The Urinary Tract

Hansel, Donna E.


Table of contents
1. Anatomy, Embryology, and Histology
Renee Dintzis, Jennifer McBride
2. Benign Polypoid and Papillary Lesions
Rafael E. Jimenez, Jeff Holzbeierlein
3. Diverticular Disease
W. Stuart Reynolds, Omar Hameed, Harriette M. Scarpero
4. Infection and Inflammatory Disorders

Becker, Horst-Dieter - Urinary and Fecal Incontinence, e-bok

Urinary and Fecal Incontinence

Becker, Horst-Dieter


Economic Costs of Urinary Incontinence in Germany
Günter Neubauer, Sandra Stiefelmeyer
4. Perception of Incontinence in and by Society
Paul Enck, Sibylle Klosterhalfen
Part II.Pelvic Anatomy, Physiology and Etiology of Incontinence
5. The Rodent

Meng, Maxwell V. - Urinary Stone Disease, e-bok

Urinary Stone Disease

Meng, Maxwell V.


Table of contents
1. Stone Nomenclature and History of Instrumentation for Urinary Stone Disease
Viraj A. Master, Maxwell V. Meng, Marshall L. Stoller
2. Epidemiology and Incidence of Stone Disease
Joseph E. Dallera, Paramjit S. Chandhoke
3. The Genetics of Stone Disease
Berenice Y. Reed,

Chan, Lewis - Multidisciplinary Care of Urinary Incontinence, e-bok

Multidisciplinary Care of Urinary Incontinence

Chan, Lewis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rachel Esler
2. Practical Anatomy and Physiology of Urinary Continence
Daniel Kwok, Vincent Tse, Vincent Tse, Lewis Chan, Lewis Chan
3. Assessment of Urinary Incontinence
Tom Jarvis, Karina So, Lewis Chan, Lewis Chan
4. The Female Patient
Vincent Tse, Vincent

Grasso, Michael - Urinary Stones: Medical and Surgical Management, e-bok

Urinary Stones: Medical and Surgical Management

Grasso, Michael


Acute urinary stones cause one of the most painful sensations the human body can experience, more painful than childbirth, broken bones, gunshot wounds or burns. Master your patient management with this comprehensive guide to a debilitating medical condition.
Urinary Stones: Medical

Rao, Nagaraja P. - Urinary Tract Stone Disease, e-bok

Urinary Tract Stone Disease

Rao, Nagaraja P.


Blood and Urinary Tests in Stone Formers
Michelle Jo Semins, Brian R. Matlaga
32. Crystallization and Other Studies
Dirk J. Kok
33. Experimental Models for Investigation of Stone Disease
Kemal Sarica
34. Clinical Trials in Stone Disease