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Domingo, Esteban - Quasispecies: From Theory to Experimental Systems, e-bok

Quasispecies: From Theory to Experimental Systems

Domingo, Esteban


Mathematical Models of Quasi-Species Theory and Exact Results for the Dynamics
David B. Saakian, Chin-Kun Hu
6. Theoretical Models of Generalized Quasispecies
Nathaniel Wagner, Yoav Atsmon-Raz, Gonen Ashkenasy
7. Theories of Lethal Mutagenesis: From

Hernández, Carlos - From Brains to Systems, e-bok

From Brains to Systems

Hernández, Carlos


Informational Theories of Consciousness: A Review and Extension
Igor Aleksander, David Gamez
13. Hippocampal Categories: A Mathematical Foundation for Navigation and Memory
Jaime Gómez-Ramirez, Ricardo Sanz
14. The Role of Feedback in a Hierarchical

Bringmann, P. - Systems Biology, e-bok

Systems Biology

Bringmann, P.


The Theory of Biological Robustness and Its Implication in Cancer
H. Kitano
5. Network Genomics
T. E. Ideker
6. A Plea for More Theory in Molecular Biology
O. Wolkenhauer, M. Mesarovic, P. Wellstead
7. Applying