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Collins, Lesley J. - RNA Infrastructure and Networks, e-bok

RNA Infrastructure and Networks

Collins, Lesley J.


RNA Networks in Prokaryotes I: CRISPRs and Riboswitches
Patrick J. Biggs, Lesley J. Collins
14. RNA Networks in Prokaryotes II: tRNA Processing and Small RNAs
Lesley J. Collins, Patrick J. Biggs
15. Localization

Bovolenta, Paola - Organogenetic Gene Networks, e-bok

Organogenetic Gene Networks

Bovolenta, Paola


Models for Studying Organogenetic Gene Networks in the 21st Century
James Castelli-Gair Hombría, Paola Bovolenta
2. Organogenesis of the C. elegans Vulva and Control of Cell Fusion
Nathan Weinstein, Benjamin Podbilewicz
3. Advances in Understanding

Maiuri, Maria Chiara - Autophagy Networks in Inflammation, e-bok

Autophagy Networks in Inflammation

Maiuri, Maria Chiara


Autophagy Networks in Cardiovascular Diseases
Lorena García, Mario Bustamante, Marcela Pizarro, Clara Quiroga, Andrea E. Rodriguez, Francisco Westermeier, Izela Bernal-Sore, Pablo F Castro, Sergio Lavandero, Rodrigo Troncoso
15. Aging
Eugenia Morselli,

Choi, Sangdun - Systems Biology for Signaling Networks, e-bok

Systems Biology for Signaling Networks

Choi, Sangdun


Modeling the Dynamics of Biological Networks from Time Course Data
Sašo Džeroski, Ljupčo Todorovski
12. Decision Making in Cells
Tomáš Helikar, Naomi Kochi, John Konvalina, Jim A. Rogers
13. Robustness of Neural Network Models
Daniel W. Franks,

Gullick, William John - EGFR Signaling Networks in Cancer Therapy, e-bok

EGFR Signaling Networks in Cancer Therapy

Gullick, William John


Table of contents
1. EGFR Signaling Networks
2. EGFR Receptor Family Extracellular Domain Structures and Functions
Antony W. Burgess, Thomas P.J Garrett
3. EGFR family heterodimers in cancer pathogenesis and treatment
Howard M. Stern
4. Structure-function of EGFR kinase domain and its inhibitors

Bower, James M - 20 Years of Computational Neuroscience, e-bok

20 Years of Computational Neuroscience

Bower, James M


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Origins and History of the CNS Meetings
John Miller, James M. Bower
2. A Pictorial History of the Early Days of Computational Neuroscience: The CNS Meeting Posters
James M. Bower
3. History of Neural Simulation Software
David Beeman
4. Learning from the Past: Approaches