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Massey, Doreen - World City, e-bok

World City

Massey, Doreen


This book tells the story of one of them, and in so doing raises questions of identity, place and political responsibility that are essential for all cities.
World City focuses its account on London, one of the greatest of these global cities. London is a city

Sriraman, Bharath - Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy, e-bok

Humanizing Mathematics and its Philosophy

Sriraman, Bharath


Table of contents
1. An Interview with Reuben Hersh
Bharath Sriraman
2. Nine Decades
Bharath Sriraman
3. Pluralism as Modeling and as Confusion
Reuben Hersh
4. “Now” Has an Infinitesimal Positive Duration
Reuben Hersh
5. Review of How Humans Learn to Think Mathematically: Exploring the

Boone, Christopher G. - Urbanization and Sustainability, e-bok

Urbanization and Sustainability

Boone, Christopher G.


Urbanization, Environmental Justice, and Social-Environmental Vulnerability in Brazil
Andrea Ferraz Young
8. Environmental Inequality in São Paulo City: An Analysis of Differential Exposure of Social Groups to Situations

Miyamoto, Kenichi - Asbestos Disaster, e-bok

Asbestos Disaster

Miyamoto, Kenichi


Persistent Thorns: Responsibility for Asbestos Disasters
Masafumi Kato
8. Asbestos Industry Transplants from Japan to South Korea
Shinjiro Minami
9. Inaction on Asbestos Disasters and Delayed Countermeasures*
Norio Obata
10. Process Tracing

Koops, Bert Jaap - Engineering the Human, e-bok

Engineering the Human

Koops, Bert Jaap


Parents’ Responsibility for Their Choices Regarding the Enhancement of Their Child
Carla Sieburgh
12. Concerning ‘Humans’ and ‘Human’ Rights. Human Enhancement from the Perspective of Fundamental Rights
Bert-Jaap Koops
13. Conclusion: The