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Franklin, Keara - Temperature and Plant Development, e-bok

Temperature and Plant Development

Franklin, Keara


Renowned experts in plant biology outline plant adaptation to high and low temperature stress, whole plant psychological adaptations, and temperature-regulated gene networks. A hot and interdisciplinary issue, climate change has a tremendous effect on crop production

Kato, Nobumasa - PTSD, e-bok


Kato, Nobumasa


Basic Mechanism of PTSD and Stress-Related Brain Dysfunctions
1. Neuroanatomical and Molecular Changes in Stress Responses During Early Life: Implications for Stress Disorders
Toru Nishikawa, Akeo Kurumaji, Takashi Ito,

Norman, Reid - The Active Female, e-bok

The Active Female

Norman, Reid


Focusing on Active Female’s Health Issues: Unique Gender-Related Psychological and Physiological Characteristics of Females
1. Body Image Concerns Throughout the Lifespan
Jacalyn J. Robert-McComb
2. Reproductive Changes in the Female Lifespan