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Hall, Rosalie Arcala - Water Policy in the Philippines, e-bok

Water Policy in the Philippines

Hall, Rosalie Arcala


Water Resources in the Philippines: Overview and Framework of Analysis
Agnes C. Rola, Juan M. Pulhin, Rosalie Arcala Hall
2. Water Supply and Demand and the Drivers of Change
Juan M. Pulhin, Rhodella A. Ibabao, Agnes C. Rola, Rex Victor O. Cruz
3. Laws,

Boquet, Yves - The Philippine Archipelago, e-bok

The Philippine Archipelago

Boquet, Yves


The Spanish Creation of the Philippines: The Birth of a Nation
Yves Boquet
5. From US Colony to Independent Country: The Construction of a State
Yves Boquet
6. 100 Million Filipinos
Yves Boquet
7. The Diversity of the Philippine Population

Hara, Yuji - Sustainable Landscape Planning in Selected Urban Regions, e-bok

Sustainable Landscape Planning in Selected Urban Regions

Hara, Yuji


Urbanization in the Philippines and Its Influence on Agriculture
Marideth R. Bravo
10. The Landscape of Bangkok’s Agricultural Fringe and City Region Sustainability: An Ecological and Cultural Co-evolution
Danai Thaitakoo, Brian McGrath
11. Infectious

Saha, Kshudiram - Tropical Circulation Systems and Monsoons, e-bok

Tropical Circulation Systems and Monsoons

Saha, Kshudiram


Meteorology of the Maritime Continent (Region – III) (Comprising Philippines, Indonesia and Equatorial Western Pacific Ocean)
Kshudiram Saha
7. Monsoon over Australia (Region – IV)
Kshudiram Saha
8. Monsoon over Africa (Region – V)

Faridah-Hanum, I. - Mangrove Ecosystems of Asia, e-bok

Mangrove Ecosystems of Asia

Faridah-Hanum, I.


Table of contents
1. Mangrove Ecosystem of Malaysia: Status, Challenges and Management Strategies
A. Latiff, I. Faridah-Hanum
2. Distribution and Rarity of Rhizophoraceae in Peninsular Malaysia
W. A Wan Juliana, M. S Razali, A. Latiff
3. Distribution and Current Status of Mangrove Forests in Indonesia