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Lebow, Richard Ned - Avoiding War, Making Peace, e-bok

Avoiding War, Making Peace

Lebow, Richard Ned


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Ned Lebow
2. Generational Learning and Foreign Policy
Richard Ned Lebow
3. Deterrence: A Political and Psychological Critique
Richard Ned Lebow
4. Lessons of World War I

Karlsrud, John - The UN at War, e-bok

The UN at War

Karlsrud, John


Chapter 1 UN Peace Operations in a Changing World
John Karlsrud
3. Chapter 2 The Evolving Politics of UN Peace Operations
John Karlsrud
4. Chapter 3 New Capabilities, Tools, and Technologies
John Karlsrud
5. Chapter 4 UN Stabilization Operations,