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Alcamo, Joseph - Life in Europe Under Climate Change, e-bok

Life in Europe Under Climate Change

Alcamo, Joseph

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Life in Europe will indeed go on as the climate changes, but not in the same way as before. The air will be warmer, winds will change, patterns of rainfall and snowfall will alter, and sea level is likely to rise. These phenomena are already being seen. Europe

McAdam, Jim - Agroforestry in Europe, e-bok

Agroforestry in Europe

McAdam, Jim


Agroforestry Systems in Europe: Productive, Ecological and Social Perspectives
A. Rigueiro-Rodríguez, E. Fernández-Núñez, P. González-Hernández, J. H. McAdam, M. R. Mosquera-Losada
4. Farmer Perceptions of Silvoarable Systems in Seven European Countries

Koster, Eduard A. - The Physical Geography of Western Europe, e-bok

The Physical Geography of Western Europe

Koster, Eduard A.


The Physical Geography of Western Europe is designed to be a state-of -the-art evaluation of the physical environment of Western Europe, being both retrospective and prospective in its perception of environmental change. The unique natural and regional... Copying

Kockel, Ullrich - Re-Visioning Europe, e-bok

Re-Visioning Europe

Kockel, Ullrich


Setting Out: Europe — A Winter’s Tale …
Ullrich Kockel
2. First Journey — In the Frontier: Balancing on Borderlines
Ullrich Kockel
3. Second Journey — In the Diaspora: Among Mobile Europeans
Ullrich Kockel
4. Third Journey — To

Boardman, John - Soil Erosion in Europe, e-bok

Soil Erosion in Europe

Boardman, John


Provides a unique and comprehensive assessment of soil erosion throughout Europe, an important aspect to control and manage if landscapes are to be sustained for the future.
Written in two parts, Soil Erosion in Europe primarily focuses on current

Bongiovanni, Francesco M. - Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence, e-bok

Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence

Bongiovanni, Francesco M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Francesco M. Bongiovanni
Part I. The Trilogy
2. The Awakening
Francesco M. Bongiovanni
3. The Tsunami
Francesco M. Bongiovanni
4. Barbarians in the City
Francesco M. Bongiovanni
5. The Rise of Alternative Politics
Francesco M. Bongiovanni
6. Ensuring

Günergun, Feza - Science between Europe and Asia, e-bok

Science between Europe and Asia

Günergun, Feza


The Ottoman Empire and the Technological Dialogue Between Europe and Asia: The Case of Military Technology and Know-How in the Gunpowder Age
Gábor Ágoston
4. General Observations on the Ottoman Military Industry, 1774–1839: Problems of Organization and

 - Handbook of Alien Species in Europe, e-bok

Handbook of Alien Species in Europe


Table of contents
1. A pan-European Inventory of Alien Species: Rationale, Implementation and Implications for Managing Biological Invasions
Philip E. Hulme, David B. Roy, Teresa Cunha, Tor-Björn Larsson
2. Alien Fungi of Europe
Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau
3. Alien Bryophytes and Lichens of Europe

Agnoletti, Mauro - Biocultural Diversity in Europe, e-bok

Biocultural Diversity in Europe

Agnoletti, Mauro


Biocultural Diversity and Landscape in Europe: Framing the Issue
Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli
Part I. Landscape Characters and Biocultural Diversity
2. The Traditional Mediterranean Polycultural Landscape as Cultural Heritage: Its Origin and Historical