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Barry, Andrew - Material Politics: Disputes Along the Pipeline, e-bok

Material Politics: Disputes Along the Pipeline

Barry, Andrew


Presents an original theoretical approach to political geography by revealing the paradoxical relationship between materials and politicsExplores how political disputes have come to revolve not around objects in isolation, but objects that are entangled in ever growing quantities of information about their

Cumming, Douglas - Developments in Chinese Entrepreneurship, e-bok

Developments in Chinese Entrepreneurship

Cumming, Douglas


Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from China
Naqiong Tong
5. Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional Environment, and the Establishment of Private Economy in China

Schrader, Ulf - Enabling Responsible Living, e-bok

Enabling Responsible Living

Schrader, Ulf


Corporate Responsibility for Responsible Living
12. Is Engagement in CSR Motivated by the Defined Values of Entrepreneurs?
Monika Eigenstetter, Silvia Zaharia
13. Empowering Responsible Consumers to be Sustainable Intrapreneurs

Bischi, Gian Italo - The Economy as a Complex Spatial System, e-bok

The Economy as a Complex Spatial System

Bischi, Gian Italo


Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility by a Local Firm Against a Multinational Enterprise
Michael Kopel, Constantine Manasakis, Emmanuel Petrakis
11. Knowledge Spillovers, Congestion Effects, and Long-Run Location Patterns