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Gorroochurn, Prakash - Classic Problems of Probability, e-bok

Classic Problems of Probability

Gorroochurn, Prakash


The book features a large collection of more than thirty classic probability problems which have been carefully selected for their interesting history, the way they have shaped the field, and their counterintuitive nature.
From Cardano's 1564 Games of Chance to

Billingsley, Patrick - Convergence of Probability Measures, e-bok

Convergence of Probability Measures

Billingsley, Patrick

Från 179,65€

A new look at weak-convergence methods in metric spaces-from a master of probability theory In this new edition, Patrick Billingsley updates his classic work Convergence of Probability Measures to reflect developments of the past thirty years. Widely known for his straightforward approach

Givan, Alice Longobardi - Flow Cytometry: First Principles, e-bok

Flow Cytometry: First Principles

Givan, Alice Longobardi

Från 88,35€

The new edition of Flow Cytometry: First Principles provides a thorough update of this now classic text, reflecting innovations in the field while outlining the fundamental elements of instrumentation, sample preparation, and data analysis.
Flow Cytometry: First

Pless, Vera - Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, e-bok

Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes

Pless, Vera


Mathematicians have been fascinated with the theory of error-correcting codes since the publication of Shannon's classic papers fifty years ago. With the proliferation of communications systems, computers, and digital audio devices that employ error-correcting