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Hentenryck, Pascal van - Hybrid Optimization, e-bok

Hybrid Optimization

Hentenryck, Pascal van


Connections and Integration with SAT Solvers: A Survey and a Case Study in Computational Biology
Fabien Corblin, Lucas Bordeaux, Eric Fanchon, Youssef Hamadi, Laurent Trilling
14. Bioinformatics: A Challenge to Constraint Programming
Pedro Barahona, Ludwig

Dougherty, Percy H. - The Geography of Wine, e-bok

The Geography of Wine

Dougherty, Percy H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Geographical Study of Viticulture and Wine Production
Percy H. Dougherty
2. Terroir: At the Heart of Geography
Tim Unwin
3. Geography and the American Viticultural Areas Process, Including a Case Study of Lodi, California
Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk

Slippers, Bernard - The Sirex Woodwasp and its Fungal Symbiont:, e-bok

The Sirex Woodwasp and its Fungal Symbiont:

Slippers, Bernard


Bordeaux, Jeffrey F. D. Dean
4. Population Dynamics of Sirex noctilio: Influence of Diapause, Spatial Aggregation and Flight Potential on Outbreaks and Spread
Juan C. Corley, José M. Villacide
5. The Woodwasp Sirex noctilio and Its Associated Fungus Amylostereum