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Hellmüller, Sara - Is Local Beautiful?, e-bok

Is Local Beautiful?

Hellmüller, Sara


Local Ownership and the Settlement of Civil Wars: External Intervention in Internal Armed Conflicts—Arguments for a Conceptual Framework of ‘Political Ownership’
Peter Schumann
3. Shooting Bambi? Critical Reflections

Brauch, Hans Günter - Facing Global Environmental Change, e-bok

Facing Global Environmental Change

Brauch, Hans Günter


Interactions between Conflict and Natural Hazards: Swords, Ploughshares, Earthquakes, Floods and Storms
Ben Wisner
16. AIDS as a Human Security Challenge
Nana K. Poku, Bjorg Sandkjaer
17. Conflict and HIV/AIDS: Quantitative Analysis
Sophia Benz