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Thie, Paul R. - An Introduction to Linear Programming and Game Theory, e-bok

An Introduction to Linear Programming and Game Theory

Thie, Paul R.


—Mathematical Reviews of the American Mathematical Society
An Introduction to Linear Programming and Game Theory, Third Edition presents a rigorous, yet accessible, introduction to the theoretical concepts and computational techniques of linear programming

Glau, Kathrin - Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management, e-bok

Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management

Glau, Kathrin


Regulatory Developments in Risk Management: Restoring Confidence in Internal Models
Uwe Gaumert, Michael Kemmer
3. Model Risk in Incomplete Markets with Jumps
Nils Detering, Natalie Packham
Part II. Financial Engineering
4. Bid-Ask Spread for Exotic

Özyer, Tansel - Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics, e-bok

Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics

Özyer, Tansel


Evaluation and Development of Data Mining Tools for Social Network Analysis
Dhiraj Murthy, Alexander Gross, Alexander Takata, Stephanie Bond
11. Learning to Detect Vandalism in Social Content Systems: A Study on Wikipedia
Sara Javanmardi, David W. McDonald,

Minai, Ali - Unifying Themes in Complex Systems, e-bok

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

Minai, Ali


The Growing Canvas of Biological Development: Multiscale Pattern Generation on an Expanding Lattice of Gene Regulatory Nets
René Doursat
27. Compound clustering and consensus scopes of metabolic networks
Franziska Matthäus, Carlos Salazar, Oliver Ebenhöh

Du, Ding-Zhu - Theory of Computational Complexity, e-bok

Theory of Computational Complexity

Du, Ding-Zhu

Från 110,20€

The Second Edition also features recent developments on areas such as NP-completeness theory, as well as:A new combinatorial proof of the PCP theorem based on the notion of expander graphs, a research area in the field of computer scienceAdditional exercises at varying