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Perez-Rodriguez, Fernando - Predictive Microbiology in Foods, e-bok

Predictive Microbiology in Foods

Perez-Rodriguez, Fernando


Table of contents
1. Predictive Microbiology in Foods
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Valero
2. Experimental Design and Data Generation
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Valero
3. Predictive Models: Foundation, Types, and Development
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Antonio Valero
4. Other Models

Hogg, Stuart - Essential Microbiology, e-bok

Essential Microbiology

Hogg, Stuart


Essential Microbiology 2nd Edition is a fully revised comprehensive introductory text aimed at students taking a first course in the subject.  It provides an ideal entry into the world of microorganisms, considering all aspects of their biology (structure, metabolism, genetics), and

Sharma, Deepansh - Biosurfactants in Food, e-bok

Biosurfactants in Food

Sharma, Deepansh


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Deepansh Sharma
2. Classification and Properties of Biosurfactants
Deepansh Sharma
3. Applications of Biosurfactants in Food
Deepansh Sharma
4. Future Prospects
Deepansh Sharma

Dwivedi, Hari P. - Microbial Control and Food Preservation, e-bok

Microbial Control and Food Preservation

Dwivedi, Hari P.


Natural Food Antimicrobials of Animal Origin
Elba Verónica Arias-Rios, Elisa Cabrera-Díaz, Mayra Márquez-González, Alejandro Castillo
5. Antimicrobials of Plant Origin
Dinesh Babu, Kalpana Kushwaha, Shalini Sehgal, Vijay K. Juneja
6. Natural

Puri, Munish - Food Bioactives, e-bok

Food Bioactives

Puri, Munish


Neurocognitive Improvement Through Plant Food Bioactives: A Particular Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease
Natália Martins, Isabel C. F. R. Ferreira
12. Multifunctional Bioactives for Cancer Therapy: Emerging Nanosized Delivery Systems
Deepika Sharma, Monica

Kristbergsson, Kristberg - Traditional Foods, e-bok

Traditional Foods

Kristbergsson, Kristberg


Traditional Food in Romania Integrated in a Protected Geographical Designations System
Gabriela Nedita, Nastasia Belc, Lucia Romanescu, Roxana Cristina Gradinariu
5. Traditional Foods in Slovakia
Jan Brindza, Dezider Toth, Radovan Ostrovsky, Lucia Kucelova

Alcamo, I. Edward - CliffsQuickReview Microbiology, e-bok

CliffsQuickReview Microbiology

Alcamo, I. Edward


CliffsQuickReview Microbiology contains the foundation material for microbiology courses required for careers in nursing, dental hygiene, medical technology, food and nutrition, pharmacy,

Gobbetti, Marco - Bacterial Communication in Foods, e-bok

Bacterial Communication in Foods

Gobbetti, Marco


Table of contents
1. The Language
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella Cagno
2. The Phenotypes
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella Cagno
3. The Behavior in Foods
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella Cagno
4. The Probiotic Message
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella…