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Kiguchi, Manabu - Single-Molecule Electronics, e-bok

Single-Molecule Electronics

Kiguchi, Manabu


Molecular Electronics: A Brief Overview of the Status of the Field
Jan M. Ruitenbeek
2. Methods to Determine Electrical Conductance of Single-Molecule Junctions
Ryo Yamada
3. Characterization of the Single Molecular Junction
Manabu Kiguchi, Shintaro

Egorov, Nikolay - Field Emission Electronics, e-bok

Field Emission Electronics

Egorov, Nikolay


Table of contents
1. Basic Principles
Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny Sheshin
2. Experimental Equipment and Technique
Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny Sheshin
3. Modern Developments in Theoretical Research of Field Emission
Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny…

Schneider, Claus M. - Metal Based Thin Films for Electronics, e-bok

Metal Based Thin Films for Electronics

Schneider, Claus M.


The authors -- an outstanding group of researchers -- discuss advanced methods for structure, chemical and electronic state characterization with reference to the properties of thin functional layers, such as metallization and barrier layers for microelectronics, magnetoresistive

Hoefflinger, Bernd - Chips 2020, e-bok

Chips 2020

Hoefflinger, Bernd


From Microelectronics to Nanoelectronics
Bernd Hoefflinger
3. The Future of Eight Chip Technologies
Bernd Hoefflinger
4. Analog-Digital Interfaces
Matthias Keller, Boris Murmann, Yiannos Manoli
5. Interconnects, Transmitters, and Receivers

Fraden, Jacob - Handbook of Modern Sensors, e-bok

Handbook of Modern Sensors

Fraden, Jacob


Table of contents
1. Data Acquisition
Jacob Fraden
2. Sensor Characteristics
Jacob Fraden
3. Physical Principles of Sensing
Jacob Fraden
4. Optical Components of Sensors
Jacob Fraden
5. Interface Electronic Circuits