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Kipping, Martin - Water Politics and Development Cooperation, e-bok

Water Politics and Development Cooperation

Kipping, Martin


Politics of Water Supply and Sanitation
9. Private Sector Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation
Thomas Kluge, Ulrich Scheele
10. Sector Reforms for Sustainable Financing of Water and Wastewater Services
Franz-Josef Batz
11. The Political Economy

Steiner-Khamsi, Gita - Educational Import, e-bok

Educational Import

Steiner-Khamsi, Gita


Table of contents
1. Going Global: Studying Late Adopters of Traveling Reforms
Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe
2. Educational Import in Mongolia: A Historical Perspective
Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe
3. Bypassing Capitalism
Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe
4. Exchanging Allies: From Internationalist

Alvares, Lucia  Capanema - Urban Public Spaces, e-bok

Urban Public Spaces

Alvares, Lucia Capanema


Reinventing Public Spaces: Politics of Oneself and Politics with Many Others
Jorge Luiz Barbosa, Ilaina Damasceno Pereira
4. A Cornered Democracy: The Echoes of the 2013 Demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro and the Architecture of a Crisis
Lia Beatriz Teixeira

Hill, Ann Maxwell - Affirmative Action in China and the U.S., e-bok

Affirmative Action in China and the U.S.

Hill, Ann Maxwell


Debating China’s Positive Policies: Historical Antecedents and Contemporary Practice
2. Mandarins, Marxists, and Minorities
Walker Connor
3. Tracking the Historical Development of China’s Positive and Preferential Policies

Sobe, Noah W. - American Post-Conflict Educational Reform, e-bok

American Post-Conflict Educational Reform

Sobe, Noah W.


Demystifying the Divine State and Rewriting Cultural Identity in the U.S. Occupation of Japan
Kentaro Ohkura, Masako Shibata
7. German Postwar Educational Reform and the “American Way of Life”
Thomas Koinzer
Part IV. After the Cold War, in the Face

Allen, John - Pathological Lives: Disease, Space and Biopolitics, e-bok

Pathological Lives: Disease, Space and Biopolitics

Allen, John


Uses empirical and social theoretical resources developed in the course of a 40-month research project entitled ‘Biosecurity borderlands’ Focuses on the food and farming sector, where the generation and subsequent transmission of disease has the ability to reach pandemic proportions Demonstrates