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Guitart, René - The Topos of Music III: Gestures, e-bok

The Topos of Music III: Gestures

Guitart, René


Table of contents
Part XV. Gesture Philosophy for Music
1. The Topos of Gestures
Guerino Mazzola, René Guitart, Jocelyn Ho, Alex Lubet, Maria Mannone, Matt Rahaim, Florian Thalmann
2. Gesture Philosophy: Phenomenology, Ontology, and Semiotics

Mazzola, Guerino - The Topos of Music II: Performance, e-bok

The Topos of Music II: Performance

Mazzola, Guerino


Table of contents
Part VIII. Structure Theory of Performance
1. Local and Global Performance Transformations
Guerino Mazzola
2. Performance Fields
Guerino Mazzola
3. Initial Sets and Initial Performances
Guerino Mazzola

Mazzola, Guerino - The Topos of Music I: Theory, e-bok

The Topos of Music I: Theory

Mazzola, Guerino


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction and Orientation
1. What Is Music About?
Guerino Mazzola
2. Topography
Guerino Mazzola
3. Musical Ontology
Guerino Mazzola
4. Models and Experiments in Musicology
Guerino Mazzola

Mazzola, Guerino - The Topos of Music IV: Roots, e-bok

The Topos of Music IV: Roots

Mazzola, Guerino


Table of contents
Part XX. Appendix: Sound
1. Common Parameter Spaces
Guerino Mazzola
2. Auditory Physiology and Psychology
Guerino Mazzola
Part XXI. Appendix: Mathematical Basics
3. Sets, Relations, Monoids, Groups

Nierhaus, Gerhard - Algorithmic Composition, e-bok

Algorithmic Composition

Nierhaus, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Historical Development of Algorithmic Procedures
3. Markov Models
4. Generative Grammars
5. Transition Networks
6. Chaos and Self-Similarity
7. Genetic Algorithms
8. Cellular Automata

Milmeister, Gérard - The Rubato Composer Music Software, e-bok

The Rubato Composer Music Software

Milmeister, Gérard


Table of contents
1. Overview of Music Theories
Gérard Milmeister
2. The Representation of Music
Gérard Milmeister
3. Architecture of Concepts I: Principles
Gérard Milmeister
4. The Category of Modules
Gérard Milmeister

Bock, Hans Georg - Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage, e-bok

Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage

Bock, Hans Georg


Towards a Computer-Based Understanding of Medieval Images
Pradeep Yarlagadda, Antonio Monroy, Bernd Carqué, Björn Ommer
11. An Automatic Method to Determine the Diameter of Historical Coins in Images
Sebastian Zambanini, Michael Herrmann, Martin Kampel