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Salwak, Dale - Writers and Their Mothers, e-bok

Writers and Their Mothers

Salwak, Dale


No Villainous Mother—The Life of Eva Larkin
Philip Pullen
9. Robert Lowell: Trapped in Charlotte’s Web
Jeffrey Meyers
Part II. Autobiographical
10. Mother Tongue: A Memoir
Ian McEwan
11. ‘Persistent Ghost’
Anthony Thwaite

Bardi, Ugo - The Seneca Effect, e-bok

The Seneca Effect

Bardi, Ugo


The Mother of All Collapses: The Fall of Rome
Ugo Bardi
3. Of Collapses Large and Small
Ugo Bardi
4. Managing Collapse
Ugo Bardi
5. Conclusion
Ugo Bardi

Forest, Etienne - From Tracking Code to Analysis, e-bok

From Tracking Code to Analysis

Forest, Etienne


The Nonlinear Spin-Orbital Phase Advance: The Mother of All Algorithms
Etienne Forest
8. Deprit-Guignard Perturbation Theory Faithful to the Code
Etienne Forest
9. Here Is the Conclusion of This Book
Etienne Forest
10. Phasors Basis: Why Do

Midgley, Mary - Earthy Realism, e-bok

Earthy Realism

Midgley, Mary


GAIA, named after the ancient Greek mother-goddess, is the notion that the Earth and the life on it form an active, self-maintaining whole. By its use of personification it attacks the view that the physical world is inert and lifeless. It has a scientific side, as shown by the new university

UNKNOWN - The Childhood Environment and Adult Disease, e-bok

The Childhood Environment and Adult Disease



Explores links between early growth and the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease in adult life; poor growth of babies and inadequate growth and nutrition of mothers; and levels of blood cholesterol and clotting factors. Other chapters consider