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Walker, Mike - Quaternary Dating Methods, e-bok

Quaternary Dating Methods

Walker, Mike

Från 62,15€

This introductory textbook introduces the basics of dating, the range of techniques available and the strengths and limitations of each of the principal methods.
Coverage includes: the concept of time in Quaternary Science and related fields the…

Walker, John C. F. - Primary Wood Processing, e-bok

Primary Wood Processing

Walker, John C. F.


Table of contents
1. The structure of wood: form and function
Brian Butterfield
2. Basic wood chemistry and cell wall ultrastructure
John C. F. Walker
3. Water in wood
John C. F. Walker
4. Dimensional instability in timber

Walker, Mark - Route Maps in Gene Technology, e-bok

Route Maps in Gene Technology

Walker, Mark


Route Maps in Gene Technology is an exciting new introductory textbook for first-year undergraduates in molecular biology and molecular genetics. The subject is broken down into 140 to 150 key concepts or topics, each of which is dealt with in one doublepaged…

Rapley, Ralph - Molecular Biomethods Handbook, e-bok

Molecular Biomethods Handbook

Rapley, Ralph


Table of contents
A. Nucleic Acid Methods
1. The Manipulation of Nucleic Acids
Gayle Corkill, Ralph Rapley
2. Restriction Enzymes
Gareth J. S. Jenkins
3. Principles and Medical Applications of the Polymerase Chain Reaction

Holifield, Ryan - Spaces of Environmental Justice, e-bok

Spaces of Environmental Justice

Holifield, Ryan


In this cutting-edge volume, leading scholars examine a diverse range of environmental inequalities from around the world. Shows how far the field has moved beyond its original focus on uneven distributions of pollution in the USA  Considers the…

Kaufmann, Stefan H. E. - AIDS and Tuberculosis: A Deadly Liaison, e-bok

AIDS and Tuberculosis: A Deadly Liaison

Kaufmann, Stefan H. E.


Within the last decades co-infections with the HIV virus as well as Tuberculosis bacteria have emerged and turned into a threatening infectious disease, causing millions of deaths worldwide every year. While Tuberculosis can be cured and AIDS can be treated,…

Happer, William - Optically Pumped Atoms, e-bok

Optically Pumped Atoms

Happer, William


Covering the most important knowledge on optical pumping of atoms, this ready reference is backed by numerous examples of modelling computation for optical pumped systems. The authors show for the first time that modern scientific computing software makes…