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Dwyer, Cathy M. - The Welfare of Sheep, e-bok

The Welfare of Sheep

Dwyer, Cathy M.


Farming Systems for Sheep Production and Their Effect on Welfare
R.J. Kilgour, T. Waterhouse, C.M. Dwyer, I.D. Ivanov
7. Nutrition and the Welfare of Sheep
J.P. Hogan, C.J.C. Phillips, S. Agenäs
8. The Management of Sheep
P.J. Goddard
9. The

Witzany, Günther - Viruses: Essential Agents of Life, e-bok

Viruses: Essential Agents of Life

Witzany, Günther


Table of contents
1. Revolutionary Struggle for Existence: Introduction to Four Intriguing Puzzles in Virus Research
Matti Jalasvuori
2. Quasispecies Dynamics of RNA Viruses
Miguel Angel Martínez, Gloria Martrus, Elena Capel, Mariona Parera, Sandra Franco, Maria Nevot
3. The Origin of Virions and Virocells:

Boër, Benno - Sabkha Ecosystems, e-bok

Sabkha Ecosystems

Boër, Benno


Agriculture and Sheep Production on Patagonian Sabkahs with Sarcocornia neei Irrigated with Seawater (Chubut – Argentina)
M. E. Arce, Oscar Bianciotto, M. S. Stronati, M. S. Yepes, A. Y. Blessio, F. M. Aras
16. Germination and Growth of Panicum virgatum Cultivars

Faye, Bernard - Impact of Pollution on Animal Products, e-bok

Impact of Pollution on Animal Products

Faye, Bernard


Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, and Lead in Sheep Grazing in North Jordan
Mu’taz Al-Alawi
10. Trace Elements and Heavy Metals Status in Arabian Camel
Bernard Faye, Rabiha Seboussi, Mostafa Askar
11. Plant, Water and Milk Pollution in Kazakhstan

Kristbergsson, Kristberg - Traditional Foods, e-bok

Traditional Foods

Kristbergsson, Kristberg


Utilization of Different Raw Materials from Sheep and Lamb in Norway
Trude Wicklund
20. Muxama and Estupeta: Traditional Food Products Obtained from Tuna Loins in South Portugal and Spain
Jaime Aníbal, Eduardo Esteves
21. Salting and Drying