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Dupont, Diane P. - Water Policy and Governance in Canada, e-bok

Water Policy and Governance in Canada

Dupont, Diane P.


The Hydrological and Policy Contexts for Water in Canada
Bruce Mitchell
3. Water Policy in Canada
Ted Horbulyk
4. Changing Currents: A Case Study in the Evolution of Water Law in Western Canada
Oliver M. Brandes, Deborah Curran
5. Reconciliation

Kitagawa, Hideki - Environmental Policy and Governance in China, e-bok

Environmental Policy and Governance in China

Kitagawa, Hideki


Environmental Policy Under President Xi Jinping Leadership: The Changing Environmental Norms
Hideki Kitagawa
2. Evolution of Environmental Thought and Enforcement of Environmental Protection Legislation in China: The Status Quo
Jin Wang
3. Land Contamination

Consterdine, Erica - Labour's Immigration Policy, e-bok

Labour's Immigration Policy

Consterdine, Erica


In Whose Interest? Organised Interests, Policy Networks and Collective Action
Erica Consterdine
5. Do Parties Matter? Party Ideology and Party Competition
Erica Consterdine
6. Bringing the State Back In: Institutional Change and the Administrative Context

Morin, Jean-Frédéric - Foreign Policy Analysis, e-bok

Foreign Policy Analysis

Morin, Jean-Frédéric


To What Extent Is Foreign Policy Shaped by Institutions?
Jean-Frédéric Morin, Jonathan Paquin
6. How Influential Are the Social Actors?
Jean-Frédéric Morin, Jonathan Paquin
7. How Does Rationality Apply to FPA and What Are Its Limitations?

Aall, Carlo - Rethinking Climate and Energy Policies, e-bok

Rethinking Climate and Energy Policies

Aall, Carlo


Policy Cases: Rebounds in Action
10. Labour Markets: Time and Income Effects from Reducing Working Hours in Germany
Johannes Buhl, José Acosta
11. Urban Planning: Residential Location and Compensatory Behaviour in Three Scandinavian Cities
Petter Næss

Maybin, Jo - Producing Health Policy, e-bok

Producing Health Policy

Maybin, Jo


Knowledge and Policy in the Literature
Jo Maybin
3. Knowledge Sources
Jo Maybin
4. Learning through Interaction
Jo Maybin
5. Analytical Practices
Jo Maybin
6. Articulating People, Ideas and Instruments
Jo Maybin
7. Forms of Knowledge