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Sun, Baojiang - Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Well Drilling, e-bok

Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Sun, Baojiang


A major contribution to the state-of-the-art for those interested in multiphase flow in well-bore, drilling cutting, hydrate and/or acid gas involvements
• The author is a leading researcher on the topics presented, and his development of gas-liquid flow pattern transition mechanism and multiphase flow models are major

Duggan, Kris - Business Gamification For Dummies, e-bok

Business Gamification For Dummies

Duggan, Kris


The easy way to grasp and use gamification concepts in business
Gamification is a modern business strategy that leverages principles from games to influence favorable customer behavior on the web in order to improve customer loyalty, engagement, and

Tsiatis, Anastasios A. - Semiparametric Theory and Missing Data, e-bok

Semiparametric Theory and Missing Data

Tsiatis, Anastasios A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Semiparametric Models
2. Hilbert Space for Random Vectors
3. The Geometry of Influence Functions
4. Semiparametric Models
5. Other Examples of Semiparametric Models
6. Models and Methods for Missing Data
7. Missing and Coarsening at Random for Semiparametric Models

Gupta, S Dutta - Light Emitting Diodes for Agriculture, e-bok

Light Emitting Diodes for Agriculture

Gupta, S Dutta


Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Improved Nutritional Quality
Giedrė Samuolienė, Aušra Brazaitytė, Viktorija Vaštakaitė
9. Light-Emitting Diodes in Postharvest Quality Preservation and Microbiological Food Safety
Craig D’Souza, Hyun-Gyun Yuk, Gek

Blouin, Manuel - Soils as a Key Component of the Critical Zone 6: Ecology, e-bok

Soils as a Key Component of the Critical Zone 6: Ecology

Blouin, Manuel


Improving our understanding of these organisms, their biodiversity and their interactions with each other, as well as with the environment, represents a major challenge.
Soil ecology has its roots in natural history. The ecological approach focused on soils is notable