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Agar, Jon - Science in the 20th Century and Beyond, e-bok

Science in the 20th Century and Beyond

Agar, Jon

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A compelling history of science from 1900 to the present day, this is the first book to survey modern developments in science during a century of unprecedented change, conflict and uncertainty. The scope is global.
Science's claim to access universal truths about the natural world made

Wang, Yi - A Century of Change, e-bok

A Century of Change

Wang, Yi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yi Wang
Part I. A Review of Beijing’s Urban Development and the Relevant Literature of the Study
2. A Review of Beijing’s Urban Development in the Twentieth Century
Yi Wang
3. A Review of the…

Williams, J.B. - The Electric Century, e-bok

The Electric Century

Williams, J.B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. B. Williams
2. Chaotic Beginnings
J. B. Williams
3. Lighting that Doesn’t Need Lighting
J. B. Williams
4. Streetcars, Subways, Trains and Suburbs
J. B. Williams
5. First You Have…

Rorres, Chris - Archimedes in the 21st Century, e-bok

Archimedes in the 21st Century

Rorres, Chris


Table of contents
1. Archimedes the Pragmatic Engineer
Moshe Kam
2. Archimedes the Military Engineer
Larrie D. Ferreiro
3. Archimedes the Geometer
Mamikon Mnatsakanian
4. Archimedes the Mathematician
Chris Rorres
5. Archimedes and Ship Design
Horst Nowacki
6. Archimedes Screw in the

Berberoglu, Berch - Globalization in the 21st Century, e-bok

Globalization in the 21st Century

Berberoglu, Berch


Dynamics of Twenty-first-Century Globalization: New Trends in Global Political Economy
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
3. Neoliberal Globalization and Capitalist Crises in the Age of Imperialism
Alan J. Spector
4. Neoliberalism and the Dynamics of Capitalist

Keinan, Ehud - Chemistry for the 21st Century, e-bok

Chemistry for the 21st Century

Keinan, Ehud


This glimpse of the future is naturally based on the findings granted us by the rapid increase in chemical research during the 20th century. It may be said that a silent "revolution" took place, the positive results of which are still not fully predicted.

Baranwal, Virendra Kumar - A Century of Plant Virology in India, e-bok

A Century of Plant Virology in India

Baranwal, Virendra Kumar


Introduction: A Century of Plant Virology in India
Bikash Mandal, Govind Pratap Rao, Virendra Kumar Baranwal, Rakesh Kumar Jain
Part I. Virus Characterisation
2. Ampeloviruses Associated with Grapevine Leafroll Disease: A New Group of Viruses in India

Sidharth, B. G. - A Century of Ideas, e-bok

A Century of Ideas

Sidharth, B. G.


Table of contents
1. Fifty Years of Cosmology
Fred Hoyle
2. Science as an Adventure
Hermann Bondi
3. The Early Universe
William Fowler
4. The Long-Term Future of Particle Accelerators
Simon van Meer
5. Energy and Evolution

Ackrill, Robert - The Growth of Biofuels in the 21st Century, e-bok

The Growth of Biofuels in the 21st Century

Ackrill, Robert


Table of contents
1. Biofuels and Biofuels Policies — An Introduction
Robert Ackrill, Adrian Kay
2. Brazilian Biofuels Policy — An Introduction and Overview
Robert Ackrill, Adrian Kay
3. EU Biofuels Policy — An Introduction and…

Sesiano, Jacques - Magic Squares in the Tenth Century, e-bok

Magic Squares in the Tenth Century

Sesiano, Jacques


Tenth-century construction methods
1. Chapter I. Ordinary magic squares
Jacques Sesiano
2. Chapter II. Bordered magic squares
Jacques Sesiano
3. Chapter III. Separation by parity
Jacques Sesiano
4. Chapter IV. Composite magic squares