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Ibe, Oliver C. - Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks, e-bok

Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks

Ibe, Oliver C.


Combining techniques from stochastic processes and graph theory to analyze the behavior of networks, Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks provides an interdisciplinary approach by including practical applications of these stochastic

Rolls, Edmund - Neural Networks and Brain Function, e-bok

Neural Networks and Brain Function

Rolls, Edmund


The aim of this book is to describe the types of computation that can be performed by biologically plausible neural networks, and to show how these may be implemented in different systems in the brain. Neural Networks and Brain Function is structured

Chadha, Devi - Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks, e-bok

Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks

Chadha, Devi


A host of new technologies and applications has brought a significant change in optical networks, migrating it towards an all-optical network. This book places great emphasis on the network concepts, technology, and methodologies that will stand the test of time and

Thai, My T. - Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks, e-bok

Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks

Thai, My T.


Structural Vulnerability and Robustness in Complex Networks: Different Approaches and Relationships Between them
Regino Criado, Miguel Romance
2. Optimizing Network Topology for Cascade Resilience
Alexander Gutfraind
3. Optimizing Synchronization, Flow,

Thai, My T. - Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks, e-bok

Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks

Thai, My T.


Growing Networks Driven by the Evolutionary Prisoner’s Dilemma Game
J. Poncela, J. Gómez-Gardeñes, L. M. Floría, Yamir Moreno
6. Defining and Discovering Communities in Social Networks
Stephen Kelley, Mark Goldberg, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Konstantin

Boucherie, Richard J. - Queueing Networks, e-bok

Queueing Networks

Boucherie, Richard J.


Discrete Time Networks with Product Form Steady States
Hans Daduna
7. Decomposition and Aggregation in Queueing Networks
Tijs Huisman, Richard J. Boucherie
8. Stochastic Comparison of Queueing Networks
Ryszard Szekli
9. Error Bounds and Comparison

Cornelius, Sean - Complex Networks IX, e-bok

Complex Networks IX

Cornelius, Sean


Outer Synchronization for General Weighted Complex Dynamical Networks Considering Incomplete Measurements of Transmitted Information
Xinwei Wang, Guo-Ping Jiang, Xu Wu
13. Diffusive Phenomena in Dynamic Networks: A Data-Driven

Gonçalves, Bruno - Complex Networks VIII, e-bok

Complex Networks VIII

Gonçalves, Bruno


Network Motifs Detection Using Random Networks with Prescribed Subgraph Frequencies
Miguel E. P. Silva, Pedro Paredes, Pedro Ribeiro
3. Fuzzy Centrality Evaluation in Complex and Multiplex Networks
Sude Tavassoli, Katharina A. Zweig
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