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Payne, John - The West Country, e-bok

The West Country

Payne, John


Great swathes of land in Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon are still used by the military and are off-bounds to visitors. And within the West Country is the special case of Celtic Cornwall, and the even more remote Isles of Scilly. People lived in the West Country long

Dougill, John - Kyoto, e-bok


Dougill, John


Kyoto, the ancient former capital of Japan, breathes history and mystery. Its temples, gardens and palaces are testimony to many centuries of aristocratic and religious grandeur. Under the veneer of modernity, the city remains filled with countless reminders of a proud past. John Dougill

Lock, Margaret - An Anthropology of Biomedicine, e-bok

An Anthropology of Biomedicine

Lock, Margaret


Introduces biomedicine from an anthropological perspective, exploring the entanglement of material bodies with history, environment, culture, and politics Develops and integrates an original theory: that the human body in health and illness is not an ontological given

Klaushofer, Alex - Paradise Divided, e-bok

Paradise Divided

Klaushofer, Alex


It offers an insight into how Lebanon’s religious communities, their identities formed by history, landscape and their relationships with one another, came to be what they are today—and how their different perspectives can lead to potentially destructive tensions.