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Brewer, John D. - Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach, e-bok

Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach

Brewer, John D.


Peace processes are mostly very fragile. This engagingly written book takes a bold new approach to the topic by beginning from the premise that sociology can identify those factors that help to stabilize them.
The book draws a distinction between the political and social dimensions of

Cellamare, Giovanni - Peace Maintenance in Africa, e-bok

Peace Maintenance in Africa

Cellamare, Giovanni


The Relationship Between the UN Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council in the Field of Peacekeeping
Giovanni Cellamare
2. The African Security System: Between the Quest for Autonomy and the External Financial Dependence
Giuseppe Pascale

Carter, Candice C. - Youth Literature for Peace Education, e-bok

Youth Literature for Peace Education

Carter, Candice C.


Teaching for Peace with Youth Literature
Candice C. Carter, Linda Pickett
2. Characterization
Candice C. Carter, Linda Pickett
3. Diversity
Candice C. Carter, Linda Pickett
4. Language Usage
Candice C. Carter, Linda Pickett
5. Illustrations

Carter, Candice C. - Social Education for Peace, e-bok

Social Education for Peace

Carter, Candice C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Candice C. Carter
2. Foundations of Social Education for Peace
Candice C. Carter
3. Peace-Focused Policy for Social Education
Candice C. Carter
4. Responsive Curriculum and Instruction
Candice C. Carter
5. Transdisciplinary and Powerful Learning

Dannreuther, Roland - International Security: The Contemporary Agenda, e-bok

International Security: The Contemporary Agenda

Dannreuther, Roland


Part 1 provides an analytical framework for the book, identifying the most significant post-Cold War shifts in international security and recent theoretical developments in security studies. Part 2 analyses the root causes for contemporary warfare, the dilemmas and

Carter, Candice C. - Peace Philosophy in Action, e-bok

Peace Philosophy in Action

Carter, Candice C.


Retooling Peace Philosophy: A Critical Look at Israel’s Separation Strategy
Kristofer J. Petersen-Overton, Johannes D. Schmidt, Jacques Hersh
Part 2. Curricular Applications
5. History Curriculum with Multiple Narratives
Esther Yogev
6. Pluralism

Ambos, Kai - Building a Future on Peace and Justice, e-bok

Building a Future on Peace and Justice

Ambos, Kai


Building a Future on Peace and Justice: The International Criminal Court
4. The Legal Framework of Transitional Justice: A Systematic Study with a Special Focus on the Role of the ICC
Kai Ambos
5. The “New Law” of Transitional Justice*

Centeno, Miguel A. - War and Society, e-bok

War and Society

Centeno, Miguel A.


War is a paradox. On the one hand, it destroys bodies and destroys communities. On the other hand, it is responsible for some of the strongest human bonds and has been the genesis of many of our most fundamental institutions.  
War and Society addresses…