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Lyatkher, Victor M. - Seismic Loads, e-bok

Seismic Loads

Lyatkher, Victor M.


This book contains a description of several models of seismic effects and examples of implementation of these models at specific sites.  Using this information, scientists and engineers can design structures that are stronger, safer, and longer-lasting. 

Biddix, J. Patrick - Assessment in Student Affairs, e-bok

Assessment in Student Affairs

Biddix, J. Patrick


From planning to reporting and beyond, you'll find valuable assessment strategies to help you produce meaningful information and improve your program. Combining and updating the thoroughness and practicality of Assessment in Student Affairs and Assessment Practice

Dede, Chris - Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities in Education, e-bok

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities in Education

Dede, Chris


Frameworks for the Design and Implementation of Immersive Learning
2. Implicit Learning Through Embodiment in Immersive Virtual Reality
Mel Slater
3. Authenticity in Immersive Design for Education
Jeffrey Jacobson
4. The Immersive Power of Social

Chang, Ting-Wen - Authentic Learning Through Advances in Technologies, e-bok

Authentic Learning Through Advances in Technologies

Chang, Ting-Wen


Development and Implementation of Authentic Learning
4. Interactive Electronic Book for Authentic Learning
Po-Sheng Chiu, Yen-Ning Su, Yueh-Min Huang, Ying-Hung Pu, Pei-Yu Cheng, I-Ching Chao, Yong-Ming Huang
5. Use of the Collaboration-Authentic Learning-Technology/Tool