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Reid, Anna - From Expert Student to Novice Professional, e-bok

From Expert Student to Novice Professional

Reid, Anna


Table of contents
1. What’s Happening in Higher Education?
Anna Reid, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren, Peter Petocz, Lars Owe Dahlgren
2. Professional Learning: How Can We Understand LearningLEARNING for the Professions?

Edwards, Anne - Being an Expert Professional Practitioner, e-bok

Being an Expert Professional Practitioner

Edwards, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introducing the Resourceful Practitioner
Anne Edwards
2. Expertise: The Relational Turn
Anne Edwards
3. Knowledge Work at Practice Boundaries
Anne Edwards
4. Relational Agency: Working with Other Practitioners

Ewing, Charles Patrick - Insanity: Murder, Madness, and the Law, e-bok

Insanity: Murder, Madness, and the Law

Ewing, Charles Patrick


This book is the product of many minds. Mariclaire Cloutier, executive editor at Oxford University Press, deserves special credit for reshaping my original proposal for this book. Though I wrote the book, it was largely her idea. Andrea Ott, a law…

Adam, Craig - Forensic Evidence in Court: Evaluation and Scientific Opinion, e-bok

Forensic Evidence in Court: Evaluation and Scientific Opinion

Adam, Craig


The interpretation and evaluation of scientific evidence and its presentation in a court of law is central both to the role of the forensic scientist as an expert witness and to the interests of justice. This book aims to provide a thorough and detailed discussion of the principles and practice

Field, Thomas A. - Neurocounseling: Brain-Based Clinical Approaches, e-bok

Neurocounseling: Brain-Based Clinical Approaches

Field, Thomas A.


Leading experts provide guidelines and insights for becoming a skillful neuroscience-informed counselor, making direct connections between the material covered and clinical practice. In this much-needed resource—the first to address neurocounseling concepts across