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Alagumalai, Sivakumar - Excellence in Scholarship, e-bok

Excellence in Scholarship

Alagumalai, Sivakumar


Contributions to Excellence in Scholarship (Primers/Keynotes)
1. Creating a Tradition of Research in Education
Margaret J. Secombe
2. Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Class Size and Ability Grouping on Science Achievement
John P. Keeves, Njora Hungi,

Liu, Xiufeng - Linking Competence to Opportunities to Learn, e-bok

Linking Competence to Opportunities to Learn

Liu, Xiufeng


Introduction Equity and Excellence in Standard-Based Education
2. Competence and Opportunity to Learn
3. Models of Competence and Data Mining
4. Models of Competence and Opportunities to Learn in the Classroom
5. Models of Competence and Opportunities to

Leikin, Roza - Creativity and Giftedness, e-bok

Creativity and Giftedness

Leikin, Roza


Teacher’s Views on Modeling as a Creative Mathematical Activity
Gudbjorg Palsdottir, Bharath Sriraman
5. The Prominence of Affect in Creativity: Expanding the Conception of Creativity in Mathematical Problem Solving
Eric L. Mann, Scott A. Chamberlin,

Shavinina, Larisa V. - International Handbook on Giftedness, e-bok

International Handbook on Giftedness

Shavinina, Larisa V.


The Johns Hopkins Talent Search Model for Identifying and Developing Exceptional Mathematical and Verbal Abilities
Linda E. Brody
51. A New Approach to the Identification of Intellectually Gifted Individuals
Larisa V. Shavinina
Part XI. Recent Advances