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Mathis, Terry L. - Steps to Safety Culture Excellence, e-bok

Steps to Safety Culture Excellence

Mathis, Terry L.


This book teaches methods for improving a company's safety culture and allows readers to effectively assess, transform, sustain, and integrate behavioral safety precepts as part of their company's continuous improvement efforts. The methods described

Doff, Sabine - Making Change Happen, e-bok

Making Change Happen

Doff, Sabine


Supporting Improvements in the Quality of Mathematics Teaching on a Large Scale
Paul Cobb, Kara Jackson, Thomas Smith, Erin Henrick

Biddix, J. Patrick - Assessment in Student Affairs, e-bok

Assessment in Student Affairs

Biddix, J. Patrick


Higher education administration is increasingly called upon to demonstrate organizational effectiveness and engage in continuous improvement based on information generated through systematic inquiry. This book provides a thorough

Reid, Alan D. - A Companion to Research in Education, e-bok

A Companion to Research in Education

Reid, Alan D.


Using Educational Research as a Resource for Continuous Improvement in Education: The Best Evidence Syntheses
Adrienne Alton-Lee
28. Framing and Analysing Educational Research: A Recent History of Transactions from a Foucauldian