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Smart, Carol - Personal Life, e-bok

Personal Life

Smart, Carol


For more than a decade, Carol Smart has been at the forefront of debates about the sociology of the family. Yet she has become frustrated by the fixation of many commentators with the supposed decline of commitment, and even the decline of the possibility of family life. In this exciting

Benson, Carol - Language Issues in Comparative Education, e-bok

Language Issues in Comparative Education

Benson, Carol


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kimmo Kosonen, Carol Benson
Part I. Language-in-Education Policy Issues
2. Canada’s Big Chill
Jessica Ball, Onowa McIvor
3. The Use of Non-Dominant Languages in Education in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam
Kimmo Kosonen
4. Language in Afghanistan’s Education

Major, Jae - Global Teaching, e-bok

Global Teaching

Major, Jae


Table of contents
1. Introducing Global Teaching and Southern Perspectives
Carol Reid, Jae Major
Part I. Southern Perspectives from the Global North
2. Whither Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Education in the Netherlands?

Johnson, W. Brad - Write to the Top!, e-bok

Write to the Top!

Johnson, W. Brad


Brad Johnson, Carol A. Mullen
2. Become Dogmatically Disciplined and Set Firm Boundaries
W. Brad Johnson, Carol A. Mullen
3. Cater to Your Writing Rhythms
W. Brad Johnson, Carol

Chan, Carol K.K. - Revisiting The Chinese Learner, e-bok

Revisiting The Chinese Learner

Chan, Carol K.K.


Yuen, Carol K. K. Chan, Johnny K. L. Yuen, Nicol F. C. Pan, Ming Lai, Venus S. L. Lee
5. The Chinese Learner of Tomorrow
Ference Marton
6. Classroom Innovation for the Chinese Learner: Transcending Dichotomies and Transforming Pedagogy
Carol K. K. Chan

Kasworm, Carol E. - Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education, e-bok

Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education

Kasworm, Carol E.


A research-based foundational overview of contemporary adult education
Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education distills decades of scholarship in the field to provide students and practitioners with an up-to-date practical resource. Grounded…