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Teo, Timothy - Technology Acceptance in Education, e-bok

Technology Acceptance in Education

Teo, Timothy


A Mixed-Methodological Technology Adoption Study
Claudia Smarkola
3. Student Teachers’ Acceptance of Computer Technology
Wong Su Luan, Timothy Teo
4. Understanding the Complexity of Technology Acceptance by Higher

Aldon, Gilles - Mathematics and Technology, e-bok

Mathematics and Technology

Aldon, Gilles


Technology, a Tool for Teaching and Learning Mathematics: A. Teaching
2. Early Child Spatial Development: A Teaching Experiment with Programmable Robots
Cristina Sabena
3. Mediation of Technological Resources in Lessons on Polyhedra: Analysis of Two Teaching

Gibbs, Donna - Comparative Information Technology, e-bok

Comparative Information Technology

Gibbs, Donna


Information Technologies and Global Learning Introduction
Joseph Zajda, Donna Gibbs
3. Abstract Tools and Technologies of Learning An Evolving
David Butt, Ichiro Kobayashi, Makoto Sasaki
4. E-Learning in Schools:

Orey, Michael - Educational Media and Technology Yearbook, e-bok

Educational Media and Technology Yearbook

Orey, Michael


Understanding School Leaders’ Role in Teachers’ Adoption of Technology Integration Classroom Practices
Gary Shattuck
3. Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology: Growth and Maturation of Web-Based Tools in a Challenging

Vries, Marc J. de - Teaching about Technology, e-bok

Teaching about Technology

Vries, Marc J. de


Philosophy of Technology: What and Why?
Marc J. de Vries
2. Technological Artifacts
Marc J. de Vries
3. Technological Knowledge
Marc J. de Vries
4. Technological Processes
Marc J. de Vries
5. Technology and the Nature of Humans

Austin-Li, Stacy - Post-Secondary Education and Technology, e-bok

Post-Secondary Education and Technology

Austin-Li, Stacy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Education, ICT, and International Development
1. Introduction
Rebecca Clothey, Stacy Austin-Li, John C. Weidman
Part I. Policy Debates
2. ICT in Education Policies and National Development