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Silberman, Marc - Memory and Postwar Memorials, e-bok

Memory and Postwar Memorials

Silberman, Marc


Reactive Memory: The Holocaust and the Flight and Expulsion of Germans
Bill Niven
5. Beyond Auschwitz? Europe’s Terrorscapes in the Age of Postmemory
Rob Laarse
Part II. Staging Memory
6. Narrative Shock and Polish Memory

Brewer, John D. - Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach, e-bok

Peace Processes: A Sociological Approach

Brewer, John D.


While complementing current approaches that emphasize institutional reform in politics, law and economics, it pays due attention to sociological factors such as gender, civil society, religion, the deconstruction of violent masculinities, restorative justice, emotions, hope, forgiveness, truth recovery,

Clark, Anna - International Perspectives on Teaching Rival Histories, e-bok

International Perspectives on Teaching Rival Histories

Clark, Anna


Mediating Collective Memories and Official Histories in Conflict-Affected Societies: Pedagogical Responses to “Individual” Narratives and Competing Collective Memories
Zvi Bekerman, Michalinos Zembylas
Part III. Critical Thinking and Multiperspectivity

Engebretson, Kath - International Handbook of Inter-religious Education, e-bok

International Handbook of Inter-religious Education

Engebretson, Kath


Table of contents
1. Religious Pluralism and the Paradigm
Evelina Orteza y Miranda
2. Enlightenment’s Wake: Religion and Education at the Close of the Modern Age
L. Philip Barnes
3. Interreligious Education and the Question of Truth
Brendan Carmody
4. Philosophical Reflections on Dialogue

Lo, Leslie N.K. - Navigating Educational Change in China, e-bok

Navigating Educational Change in China

Lo, Leslie N.K.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Leslie N. K. Lo, Fang Wang
2. Memories and Imageries
Leslie N. K. Lo, Fang Wang
3. Sifting Through the Enigma of Tradition and Modernity
Leslie N. K. Lo, Fang Wang
4. Balancing the Indigenous and the Foreign
Leslie N. K. Lo, Fang Wang
5. Navigating Educational