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Coskun, Deniz - Law As Symbolic Form, e-bok

Law As Symbolic Form

Coskun, Deniz


Table of contents
1. Cassirer As A Public Person
1. Cassirer's Public Engagement with Weimar
2. Cassirer And Heidegger. An Intermezzo on Magic Mountain
3. Cassirer In Exile An Essay On The Recovery Of Individual Moral Judgement
4. The Politics Of Myth. Cassirer's Pathology Of The Totalitarian State
2. Law As

Becker, Katrin - Choosing and Using Digital Games in the Classroom, e-bok

Choosing and Using Digital Games in the Classroom

Becker, Katrin


Table of contents
Part I. Context
1. What Is It About Games?
Katrin Becker
2. Digital Game-Based Learning: Learning with Games
Katrin Becker
3. Digital Game Pedagogy: Teaching with Games
Katrin Becker
Part II. Choosing Games
4. Commercial Off-the-Shelf Games (COTS)
Katrin Becker
5. A

Belcher, Catherine L. - Teaching Harry Potter, e-bok

Teaching Harry Potter

Belcher, Catherine L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Harry?
Catherine L. Belcher, Becky Herr Stephenson
2. Defending the (Not Really) Dark Arts: Teaching to Break the DADA Curse
Catherine L. Belcher, Becky Herr Stephenson
3. Harry on the Border between Two Worlds: Reading Harry en Español in a Mexican American Border Community

Nowlan, Robert A. - Masters of Mathematics, e-bok

Masters of Mathematics

Nowlan, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Mathematics as a Labor-Saving Device
Robert A. Nowlan
2. All About ‘e’ (Well, Almost All)
Robert A. Nowlan
3. What Else Did Euler Do?
Robert A. Nowlan
4. No Mathematical Work is Ever Wasted
Robert A. Nowlan
5. I Have Never Done Anything Like Others
Robert A. Nowlan

Bekerman, Zvi - Integrated Education in Conflicted Societies, e-bok

Integrated Education in Conflicted Societies

Bekerman, Zvi


Table of contents
Part 1. Leadership of Integrated Education
1. The Magic of Millennium
Mary Roulston
2. The Integrated Education Fund in Northern Ireland
Paul Caskey
3. Changing Our Reality
Inas Deeb, Nadia Kinani
4. On the Peace Line
Noreen Campell
5. Interethnic Dialogue and Cooperation

Marriner, Jason - Life as a Chelsea Headhunter, e-bok

Life as a Chelsea Headhunter

Marriner, Jason


Optical illusions are the stuff of magic - harmless entertainment conjured up to both enthral and amaze, aren’t they? Well, maybe not, as it’s not quite so amusing if the ‘stunt’ takes the form of an episode of the BBC’s ‘groundbreaking’ documentary series MacIntyre Undercover