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Resnick, Stella - The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love, e-bok

The Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love

Resnick, Stella


Enjoy more sexual pleasure in your love relationshipHow can you keep sexual desire alive over the long term? More and more people are finding it difficult to maintain a relationship that is both emotionally and sexually gratifying. In a book that will…

Lowrie, Anthony - Understanding Branding in Higher Education, e-bok

Understanding Branding in Higher Education

Lowrie, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthony Lowrie
2. The Desire for Relevance
Anthony Lowrie
3. The Conceptualization of Relevance
Anthony Lowrie
4. What’s in a Brand Name?
Anthony Lowrie
5. The Shattered Brand Fantasy
Anthony Lowrie
6. The

Varma, Ved Prakash - The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs, e-bok

The Inner Life of Children with Special Needs

Varma, Ved Prakash


Most children have interesting interior lives that contain dreams, fantasies, hopes, fears, beliefs and their unconscious lives. This can be inferred from their preoccupations, stories, plays, games, conversations and behaviour. Because many children with special needs are emotionally confused,

Belcher, Catherine L. - Teaching Harry Potter, e-bok

Teaching Harry Potter

Belcher, Catherine L.


Entering the Forbidden Forest: Teaching Fiction and Fantasy in Urban Special Education
Catherine L. Belcher, Becky Herr Stephenson
8. Imagining More
Catherine L. Belcher, Becky Herr Stephenson

Sawyer, Andy - Teaching Science Fiction, e-bok

Teaching Science Fiction

Sawyer, Andy


Teaching Latin American Science Fiction and Fantasy in English: A Case Study
M. Elizabeth Ginway
13. Teaching Science and Science Fiction: A Case Study
Mark Brake, Neil Hook
14. Design, Delivery and Evaluation
Andy Sawyer, Peter Wright

Schousboe, Ivy - Children's Play and Development, e-bok

Children's Play and Development

Schousboe, Ivy


The Structure of Fantasy Play and Its Implications for Good and Evil Games
Ivy Schousboe
3. Playing with Social Identities: Play in the Everyday Life of a Peer Group in Day Care
Ditte Winther-Lindqvist
4. Pedagogical Perspectives on Play

Kontopodis, Michalis - Children, Development and Education, e-bok

Children, Development and Education

Kontopodis, Michalis


Speculative Fantasies: Infancy in the Educational Discourse of Early Modern Germany
Birgit Althans
8. A Cultural-Historical Approach to Children’s Development of Multiple Cultural Identities
Mariane Hedegaard
9. Under the Sign of the Coffee Pot: Mealtime