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Sweller, John - Cognitive Load Theory, e-bok

Cognitive Load Theory

Sweller, John


Emerging Themes in Cognitive Load Theory: The Transient Information and the Collective Working Memory Effects
John Sweller, Paul Ayres, Slava Kalyuga
18. Cognitive Load Theory in Perspective
John Sweller, Paul Ayres, Slava Kalyuga

Larouche, Pierre - National Legal Systems and Globalization, e-bok

National Legal Systems and Globalization

Larouche, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pierre Larouche, Péter Cserne
2. Convergence and Divergence, in Law and Economics and Comparative Law
Filomena Chirico, Pierre Larouche
3. The Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR): A Giant with Feet…

Koopmans, Matthijs - Complex Dynamical Systems in Education, e-bok

Complex Dynamical Systems in Education

Koopmans, Matthijs


Catastrophe Theory: Methodology, Epistemology, and Applications in Learning Science
Dimitrios Stamovlasis
10. Evaluating Complex Educational Systems with Quadratic Assignment Problem and Exponential Random Graph Model Methods